About Me

Here are some things you may like to know about me…

Who am I? 
I’m a website developer & small business owner just like you! 
What sets me apart is that, unlike a lot of techy people, I have extensive business experience! 
I have owned and operated 2 Pubs, a Coffee Shop, a Restaurant and an online e-commerce business.

Not what you were expecting right? read on though… 
It is this firsthand business experience, that sets me apart from the rest, as I really understand the struggles of “the self-employed” entrepreneur – you need results fast & want practical actionable advice that will make a difference to your bottom line… I get it!

Why I started Datalab 
I got seriously into the internet in the mid-90s, I built my first website in 1996 and ran my first Google Ad campaign in 2007  – It was my side hustle.
In 2018, I set up Datalab to build websites for small businesses – just like the ones I had owned and run over the years.

I understand how important it is for websites to rank well on Google enabling you to convert visitors into customers. 
If you want more clients & more conversions for your business, that’s where I come in – I can get you results and I  speak fluent small business!

When I’m not at my desk 
I enjoy walking our dog Bobby (photo) in the beautiful Coolie Mountains of Co. Louth where I live. I also like to watch F1 and Football, play Chess, drink good wine with family & friends.

Why I Build in WordPress

What Percentage of Websites are WordPress in 2021?
The simple answer would be “over 30%“, but let’s back up a bit first and put things into perspective.

WordPress launched in 2003 as one of many then-present tools for building а blog. The nature and architecture allowed everyone to contribute to its improvement. This propelled WP to quickly outgrow its original purpose to almost unlimited plugins and WordPress specialized hosting providers. While bloggers are still WordPress’s core audience, its immense capabilities lead to major brands like Sony, Walt Disney, MTV, BBC, and New Yorker all relying on their services.

WordPress stats for 2021 are quite remarkable:

62% of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the US use WordPress.
Over 500 new sites are created daily using the free version of WordPress.org
Seventy million new blog posts pop up every month.

As unusual as it may sound, WP owes this entire success to its active and loyal community, not just a single visionary CEO. In fact, WordPress.org doesn’t even have a CEO — the project is entirely run by volunteers across the world.