Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Management Service

Why PPC Ads Work

  • Get Insant Results
  • Easy to measure and track
  • Provides Tons of useful data
  • Stay Within Budget

I Get Results!

Google Ads

Massive Global and or Local Reach. Target those with the intent to buy.

What my Clients Say...

In 2020 we were struggling to recruit caregivers, we found ourselves understaffed & unable to keep up with demand. We had tried various recruitment methods – ads in the local paper, leaflet drops, recruitment days in local hotels & even a poster on the back of a bus!

I hired Datalab to create & manage a PPC recruitment campaign. The results were the best we’ve ever had – far exceeding my expectations. The results were almost instant and we were able to control both the types & quantity of applicants.

We have now greatly improved our recruitment situation. Datalab are quick to get the campaigns running and respond to emails & messages.

Victor was able to tailor the campaigns to our needs & optimise our results with a data-driven approach. The results speak for themselves.
I can highly recommend working with Victor at Datalab

Stephen Conway
Former Owner – Home Instead Wexford