Google Ads or pay-per-click (PPC ) is a great way to advertise your goods or services to millions of brand-new prospective clients, by age, gender, location & areas of interest.
I have earned the Google Partner Badge – a professional accreditation from Google demonstrating my proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Google Ads as well as an expert in online advertising. I can create & manage your PPC campaigns for you!

The advantage of going down the paid advertising route is, you can create several different ads all within the same campaign & then test them to see which one is working best for you.
You can aim these at the different client personas you cater for. i.e. if you were a personal trainer offering classes, you could tailor your pay-per-click to 3 different client personas: beginner, maintenance & fitness fanatic.
You likely cater for all 3 so you don’t have to limit your ad to just one persona. It’s also a great way to test the metrics & see which ad yields the better results.
To give you an idea, your fitness novice would respond differently to the ad copy you would create for your seasoned fitness fanatic. Your fitness novice may want to start out gently & not commit to too much (so maybe don’t suggest your 12-month program just yet).
In contrast, your fitness fanatic would likely respond favourably to your top of the range 12-month program, product or service.
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