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What Is SEO? & Why Is It Important?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website, by improving organic search results for your keywords and phrases. I’ve found that many people’s eyes start to glaze over when I start talking about SEO! They think it’s boring & complicated – one of those things, you can easily put off forever! The good news is, you don’t need to learn how to do SEO or even understand it  – I LOVE doing SEO & I can do it all for you! SEO is crucial for driving sales to your door!


(without working even more hours…) One of the most frustrating aspects about growing your business online is not seeing enough return to justify all your efforts! You may already be creating content for Facebook, Instagram etc, as well as sending marketing emails – all of which takes time! The reality is, results can be slow, with barely enough conversions, to justify your efforts. Doing more is not the answer – you have enough to do! Read on to understand how implementing a solid SEO plan with me, will soon start to give you the results you deserve… SEO is the secret sauce! If you have a business website – it needs to be found! The goal of SEO is to improve your search rankings. Ranking at the top of page 1 on Google for your keywords is the most powerful thing you can do for your business, to increase sales! If you want to grow your business, you need to drive more traffic to your website! If you want extra traffic which, could turn into paying customers, you will need regular, fresh & relevant content to keep your search rankings healthy. How do you feel about your competition ranking higher than you on Google? Thought so… If you aren’t optimising the keywords related to your business, your competition will appear ahead of you in search engine results pages (SERPs). This is a lost opportunity, when a potential client searches for your services & finds your competition instead!


As a local SEO expert, before I get started on how to improve your rankings, I will get familiar with your type of business, your customers & how your audience searches for the product, services, or information you provide. Understanding of who you are, who your customers are and what their goals are, is key. This is where others often cut corners. Keyword research takes time, but it is the essential first step for your website ranking strategy. You may have a way of describing what you do, but it is not always how your audience is searching for you.


The power of keyword research, lies in better understanding your target market and how they are searching for your content, services, or products. A keyword strategy is one of the most effective things you can do to boost your online business. As part of my SEO services I can show you how to choose your most suited keywords. These keywords will be used throughout your website’s content, in a way that engages the reader and satisfies the search engines (Google) An effective keyword strategy will help drive organic traffic to your website. The more traffic, the more leads, the more clients. Simple.


Once your website contains relevant, effective & engaging content, it’s time to implement an effective link building strategy. My ongoing SEO packages include link-building as part of the service. I offer packages starting from 3 months up to 12 months and beyond. If your website is linked to a relevant and frequently visited site, it will really boost your rankings, which will, in turn, increase your sales, which can develop into repeat, long term clients. An effective link building strategy provides many advantages for your business as well. It builds actual real-life relationships! When you build links, it requires you to reach out to other like-minded businesses, often to make them aware of your events & promotions. By establishing contact, you are also forging long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial to both businesses. This is also an exercise in Brand Building: It can help to show that you are an authority in your field through links to relevant content. It can also help to promote the expertise of your business as well as the strengths of its goods and services.


As busy professionals, you will doubtless have plenty of client stories that you can share in the form of case studies. You can create anonymous case studies to highlight your client’s journey or experience with you – to showcase the benefits of working with you or by contrast, to highlight what can go wrong without the correct guidance or protocol. This kind of content/storytelling is really interesting for your ideal client. Why? because its relatable & tells them what they can expect by working with you! Be original & be a reliable source of quality information. By adding value to your client with your knowledge base, you position yourself as the expert. In addition, consider conducting interviews with other experts in your field or create a-how- to-list that can be easily downloaded by your clients. All of this will help you build your business/practice as a resource to know, like and trust. This is how to make search engines love your website! If you need some help with content writing and editing, don’t worry I’ve got you covered – just get in touch for a free 20-minute consultation and we can discuss what you need & how I can help you to get started!


Content is the magnet of your website & having the right kind of content is more important than ever, if you are looking for website conversions. Making sure that your content is targeted and relevant to the people you want to reach, is critical to increasing traffic to your website. If you find it too difficult to do this or simply can’t find the time, then let me help you. As an add on service, I can arrange the website content creation for you. I work with experienced 5 * copywriters to create meaningful and relevant content, that speaks to your clients and target audience.


SEO is all about improving user experience. It’s not something that can be just sprinkled on top as an afterthought! It needs to be incorporated from the very beginning, at the point of creation. To make your clients LOVE your brand, their user experience needs to be easy to navigate, useful with high-quality relevant content, credible with a high level of authority in your chosen field and of course appealing to look at. All of these attributes form the criteria in deciding if your website is the best result to show when prospective clients search for similar services.


My goal is to generate LOTS of organic traffic to your website. Blogging is one of the most effective ways how to increase your organic site traffic. (If you don’t already have a blog, I can incorporate this into your website for you no problem – click here) I strongly recommend starting a blog to address your clients frequently asked questions. This is SEO gold and can really increase your rankings. There is so much SEO value in blogging – it is a key ingredient to get you ranking in the top 3 on google. Alternatively, you could take a different approach – create advanced user guides instead, for your clients to download, offering how-to solutions. You could then market these user guides on social media & further increase organic traffic to your website. Don’t just add to the noise online, add value to your customers! Convert them into raving fans! Let me show you how to use your voice to attract your ideal client!


I will create a report on the most important google analytics metrics that I will measure for your website. Some of the metrics I will measure for you include: the number of visitors (and their source), the bounce rate, the average time on the page, the click-through rate, the conversion rate etc… Website traffic metrics help you measure nearly everything happening on your website, allowing you the opportunity to adjust and optimize it and to improve its performance. The number of returning visitors, is a good website metric, as it tells you if your efforts are paying off. A high number of return visitors indicates that your content & user experience is really good! Remember, there’s a lot of competition out there & also a lot of noise – SEO is the long game, nothing happens overnight, so when you see results, no matter how small, it’s not only a step in the right direction but an indication of what’s really working for you & where to concentrate your efforts.